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Press Releases & Content Writing

Start the presses! Online marketing through press releases and news media is another valuable resource for small and medium sized business to generate buzz that keeps on buzzing. Press releases can be used to effectively reach more prospective clients and customers while boosting publicity through newsworthy public relations announcement.

PR can drive online marketing campaigns; in conjunction with SEO and SEM solutions, the publicity gained from press releases can help to improve online visibility in search engine result pages. Simple and effective, media releases can give any small or medium sized business the leg up to grow traffic as well as cultivate brand awareness online and across the market.

So what exactly is a press release? Think of them as a simple news stories about your business directed towards the media or any news source that announces a particular person, event, service or product. It contains all the raw information necessary to get your news in front of journalists, news websites, bloggers, and consumers. They allow the public to learn about the front-page matters going on within your business. First utilized as a communication tool between company public relation firms and the media, press releases have now evolved to serve the needs of more than the corporate set. Releases do not have to be long: one to a couple pages would suffice; it should include the basic elements of a news story: who, what, when, where, and why—with the information written from most important to least.

With online news sites such as Yahoo! News and Google News, press releases and written content can be used as an effective consumer communication tool. It’s a way to share the exciting and unique offerings with the neighborhood, the state, the country, or the world. Targeted distribution can help your news offerings reach your business’s local audience or grow to a larger pool of possible customers.

Press releases should cover an interesting, newsworthy topic such as a new product, a special event, guest appearances, tips and techniques, services, change in management, etc. When designing a press release service we are always mindful of the audience a business’s products and services target.

Gimmicks are hardly necessary; honest, factual content about your business always work best for your press releases. Hype and exaggeration will do no good either. A press release should be direct, interesting, and well written. NuStream media will work to ensure all your releases to the media are relevant and well constructed to offer the best chances for increased web visibility and growth for your large or small business. News outlets across the web are inundated everyday with thousands of press releases, and with heavy competition from other small businesses in the same niche, having smart and well constructed press releases can bring your business one-step closer to finding online publicity success.