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If you’ve looked into your website’s bounce rate, you may have noticed that a lot of visitors click the back button without viewing the rest of your site. It’s okay. With the help of remarketing, you can try to re-engage these consumers. Remarketing in the Lehigh Valley helps boost sales.


NuStream can keep your brand in front of people who have quickly bounced off your site without converting.

Remarketing ads in the Lehigh Valley let you go after the one who got away and remind them of what they’ve passed up. In an ideal world, every person who visits your site makes a purchase. That’s totally unrealistic, but it is possible to remind these consumers of your brand as they continue to surf the internet or use apps. If you stay on the minds of these window shoppers, they’ll come back to your site when they’re ready to make a purchase. NuStream can use cookies to track your site’s visitors and strategically put your ad in front of them again, including a clear call-to-action phrase.


As customers continue to see your ad across various platforms, it can help increase familiarity and brand awareness. Additionally, because remarketing services track a user’s past actions, you can focus your ad specifically on their interests.


For example, let’s say that you run a music store, and you’re targeting a customer that was on your guitar page. Now you know that an ad for a vintage guitar is probably more interesting to that person than an ad for drums or pianos. If you’d like to use remarketing to increase conversions, get in touch with the team at NuStream today.

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