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Who can help with social video in the Lehigh Valley?

Video is everywhere. From social media to digital advertising, creating video has never been more important for a business. Engage your customers and increase your conversions by adding video to your digital marketing campaign.

Video And Social Media Go Hand-In-Hand

There are many uses for social media in advertising. With so many people now online every day, social media has become one of the easiest ways to connect with customers. When a company has a strong following, it becomes much easier to introduce new products, get feedback from customers, and engage with a marketplace. Specifically, many people share videos they see on social media. Video gets shared more than text and images combined. Therefore, producing a video for social media can be very beneficial. Most social media platforms have been upping the emphasis on video due to its popularity.

Producing video for social media has never been easier. At NuStream, we have a team of video experts to help you. From conceptualization to final editing, we have it covered. Moreover, we have the equipment to produce any different type of video you need. In a word, video is king. There has been a steady increase over the past few years in video viewing. Namely, it is because of smartphones. With the majority of people connected to the internet all of the time, a video has a far reach. Better data speeds and lower costs have also contributed to the rise of video. Don’t miss out by not having video on your website.

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