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If someone is looking for criminal defense services, they’re probably facing serious charges with hefty consequences. They need an attorney they can put their trust in. And their very first impression of your law firm will probably come from your website. So, you should team up with a top advertising agency that will help you put your best foot forward.

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Almost 75% of legal consumers visit a firm’s website in order to take action. Contact NuStream to take advantage of our affordable and effective defense attorney advertising in New York City. We’ll create a top-quality site that impresses visitors and gets them engaged with your law office. We’ll work with you each step of the way, creating a personalized digital marketing campaign for lawyers. Our professionals can handle e-mail marketing and social media management as well as web design.

Usually, if someone commits a crime, that person doesn’t plan ahead, researching a lawyer before they get caught. So, an individual that’s doing an online search for legal defense services probably needs them immediately, leading to quick conversions. Our PPC for defense firms can get your ad to the top of search results, right in front of top-quality leads. You're much more likely to get the type of customers you need when they're able to easily find your advertisements online.

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As you probably know, a lot of people defend themselves in order to cut costs, making the legal industry competitive. Therefore, the top keywords in the industry are very expensive—everyone wants them. An experienced PPC marketing agency can accurately analyze your campaign and find keywords that work for your budget.

We also offer video production for defense lawyers. We'll create cinema-quality video that can be used for a TV ad, social media, or your website. You won’t have to shoot new video for each different platform, helping to cut advertising costs. A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to the legal industry. Therefore, using video to attach a face and message to your firm can help bring about trust. Contact NuStream to take advantage of our amazing online advertising services for defense attorneys. We're a reliable source for New York City criminal attorney advertising.Defense attorney advertising in New York City

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