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Medical adverting in New York City is a fairly new practice, so now is the perfect time to use it to get ahead of the rest of your competition. The advertising experts at NuStream can help.

Local Medical Marketing in New York City

In the current marketplace, more and more doctor’s offices have websites. Just having a site doesn’t mean that people will actually visit it. If you want to get into the first page of Google rankings, you should turn to our experienced healthcare marketing company. Studies have shown that the search results on page one receive up to 95% of all web traffic. Additionally, Google puts a high value on user experience. When your website has a responsive design for mobile users, that is a huge plus.

Statistically, up to 84% of patients research hospitals using online and offline resources, and one in three adults go online to research their symptoms and medical conditions. Digital advertising makes it easy to target these people by using the medical terms they’re searching for as keywords. Our professionals at NuStream can offer SEO and PPC marketing for doctors, attracting new customers just as they need your medical services.

Our Digital Marketing Team is Here to Help

Even if you run the best practice in your local area with the most-highly-qualified doctors and the top equipment, you still need a way to get your name out. We understand that you probably have enough on your plate, providing the best available care for your patients. Our medical marketing services can save a lot of time and effort, and we work with optometrists and general doctors as well pediatricians and medical suppliers.

Once you have attracted new patients, retaining them should be prioritized. You need to make sure your site is up-to-date, so visitors can get the accurate information they need. Also, customer reviews help create brand awareness. A survey from OnePoll says that 95% of respondents found online reviews somewhat reliable and that 70% were influenced by online ratings and review sites when choosing their physician. So, contact NuStream to take advantage of our affordable reputation management and digital marketing services.

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