Company Details

Mortgage America, headquartered in Whitehall, PA opened its doors more than 38 years ago. They have established their business in response to the region’s growing demand for community-based home loans. A family owned and operated pioneer in the mortgage banking industry, they are proud of their reputation as experts in providing quick, reliable loans for local homeowners and buyers.

Project Details

  • Increase brand equity and online reach by focusing on solid content additions and user engagement
  • Reorganize and expand current content presentation for enhanced search and browse-ability
  • Implement robust landing pages to showcase various services
  • Implemented on-site SEO


We designed and developed a professional, clean, user-friendly website for Mortgage America, to match their intuitive technical services. After the design, the website was developed from scratch by our talented developers as a custom WordPress theme, utilizing Javascript and responsive CSS to create a visually stunning experience on all devices.

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