The National Security Alliance recently completed a study of small and medium sized businesses that found over 60% of business owners say they are dependent on the World Wide Web for their daily dealings while nearly 90% of the surveyed businesses say that prospective customers visited their website to find out more about their products or services. Another study from Fact Browser found a significant increase in revenue generated from search engines within the last two years. Search engine optimization has developed into a valuable internet-marketing tool to grow any small or medium brand or business.

Search engine optimization or SEO uses certain techniques to garner traffic from ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ listings on search engines. These are the listings that appear on a search result page without payment. SEOs can target different kinds of search: images, locality, video, academic, and news. This form of online marketing takes into consideration how modern search engines work and various other search variables. With this information, webpages are modified to improve its chances of being found in searches.

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