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Even though online video consumption has reached an all-time high, a large part of the funding that’s spent on video advertising still goes towards television ads. Whether you go local or national, TV advertising offers a great way to reach your audience.

TV advertising

When it comes to the public perception of your business, the quality of your ads can have a significant impact.

Using professional-quality video in a digital marketing campaign can enhance your reputation in front of a wide audience. TV is now viewed almost anywhere—whether a person is sitting in a waiting room or out at their favorite bar. News shows and live sports events retain high viewership in every age group. Both local and national television advertising in Tucson offer a terrific way to reach your specific audience. Here at NuStream, we use the best industry-grade equipment to produce cinema-quality video. Our amazing video production team helps with shooting and editing as well as formatting, resulting in video that has a polished, professional feel. Reach out to us to learn about our skilled TV advertising services.

Every year in the U.S., more than $70 billion goes towards television advertising campaigns. Even though the younger people of today do not watch as much TV, those who are age 35 and older still take in about six hours of television daily. Plus, TV advertisements are an effective brand communication tactic that spark higher levels of confidence. Television advertisers have been doing business a bit differently. Many commercials are now formatted shorter, trending towards15-second commercials. The retail industry retains the top spot in TV advertising spending, but it’s closely followed by real estate and finance, auto, tech, and pharma. Direct-to-consumer companies also utilize TV advertising, generating brand awareness while establishing themselves.


Typically, products demonstrated or showcased in a television advertisement have a high probability of being remembered well.


The goal is to connect the product to the type of person who is believed to likely purchase the product.


When a product or service is unlike any other, that significance often is highlighted in television advertising.


Often, television advertisers like to use comedy in ads to connect with an audience. Parodying everyday life is a typical example.


When a product is new or not well-known, often it is useful to run an advertisement that showcases the best uses for the product.


Having a spokesperson or recurring character run in your ads allows customers to become familiar through an association with the product.

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