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Although online video consumption has reached an all-time high, television still absorbs a significant part of the money that’s spent on video advertising. Whether it’s local or national, TV commercials provide a great way to reach an audience. Learn more about our television advertising in Philadelphia.

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Offering Television Advertising in Philadelphia

The quality of your advertising can have a dramatic impact on how people perceive your company. 

If you’re thinking, “Who offers TV advertising near me?” turn to NuStream. Using professionally-done video as part of your digital marketing campaign can enhance your reputation significantly. Even with online video consumption at an all-time high, TV still draws in a large share of the money that’s spent on video advertising. Live sporting events and news programs retain a high viewership throughout all age groups. Whether they’re local or national spots, television advertising in Philadelphia provides a terrific way to speak to your audience. At NuStream, we use industry-grade equipment to create cinema-quality video. Our expert video production team will help you with editing as well as formatting, resulting in a polished and professional feel to your video. Contact us to learn more about our TV advertising services.

More than $70 billion goes into television marketing each year in the United States. Even though younger people don’t watch as much TV these days, people over age 35 still view almost six hours of TV each day. Also, television advertising is an effective brand communication tactic that can inspire high levels of confidence. But the way that television advertisers do business has started to change. Often, commercials are now shorter in length than before, with a trend that leans toward 15-second commercials. Retail has the top spot in ad spending on TV, with real estate and finance, tech, pharma, and auto all following close behind. Direct-to-consumer businesses have also been using TV advertising to create brand awareness while scaling their business. We also provide corporate video production services.

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