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Although online video consumption is at an all-time high, television still retains a significant share of the money spent on video advertising. Whether local or national, TV commercials are a great way to reach your audience.

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We produce professional-grade video with the industry's best equipment.

Compared with the other advertising forms, a video may be a challenge for you to create, but uploading a high-quality video to YouTube can be very beneficial for your advertising campaign. Video can boost conversions and capture attention! It’s getting easier and easier to put your message in front of the global audience, and each year online video views continue to grow. People love going on social media to share videos. Another point—video appeals to hearing and sight, so you tend to be more engaged with it than other varieties of media. After you view a video, the message can be retained for a longer period of time. Also, video is versatile. If your business might benefit from advertising, video production is the place to start. The team at NuStream can make YouTube video production in Phoenix almost effortless for you.

When you create video, first of all, you must determine your objective. How can people view it? Is this content made for social media or a commercial spot? NuStream can shoot video that is usable on several different platforms. Because an individual video works anywhere you’d want to advertise, there isn’t a need to continually produce new recordings. When a site has a video on it, Google is more likely to put it on the first page of results. Google knows that people like to watch a video when they’re researching a service and/or product. With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones comes a boost in video consumption because users can watch anywhere and any time. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is a YouTube video ad?” we can help. Contact us today.


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