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8 Components Of A High Converting Landing Page

Landing pages are an excellent way to increase organic traffic to your websites. People are searching for things throughout the day through different search engines such as Google and Bing. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day which shows the magnitude of today’s online culture. With that large volume of search queries, it’s essential to create a landing page that will attract your target audience.

The end purpose of a landing page is to increase conversion rates to reach your marketing goals. A landing page can be a standalone page created for a specific campaign, sale, or product or the homepage. Regardless of the type, an engaging landing page can help lead your customers to your products and services.

8 Elements Of A High Converting Landing Page

1. A strong headline

A headline is the first thing that people who land on your page will see, so it’s important to capture their attention right away with clarity, relevancy, and empathy. The headline needs to stand out and be indicative of the information that will be on the page. Writing a compelling headline will encourage visitors to stick around long enough to consider your offer on the information that you provide for them. Regarding the word limit, the headline should be short with it being 20 words at max. The goal is to have the headline concise enough not to overwhelm your audience but long enough to properly inform them of what’s to come.

Here are a few ways you can create a compelling headline:

  • “How To”: Start your headline with “How To.” By starting with these words, you can offer a solution to your visitors’ problem with your product or service.
  • Ask a question: Ask the question in the headline, then the answer in the sub headline and content of your landing page. People are online searching for the solution to many problems. Your content will work as the answer to their current predicament.
  • Use humor in your headline: If used correctly, being funny can often win people over. You can simultaneously inform and entertain with a humor-based headline.
  • Provide your unique value: Provide visitors with a compelling reason to choose your product or service over anyone else.

2. Persuasive subheadings

Your subheadings will lead your audience through the entirety of the page. The headline will grab your readers attention, and the subtitles will persuade them to stay and learn more. By having informative headings, you can promptly direct your audience to the places they want and keep them interested in your content. The subheadings should also involve some form of persuasion to get your audience to take the next step and click your call to action. The important thing is to arrange your content in a way that efficiently explains what you’re offering.

3. Engaging visuals

Not only does the content play a massive role in a successful landing page but the supplemental visuals are necessary as well. Images and videos create a visual idea of what the landing page is about and what you have to offer. Visual content is also known to do well in terms of audience engagement. With video marketing on the rise, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and implement it into your strategy, including your landing pages.

The images should be relevant to your product or service to illustrate what you are selling. If you are selling a tangible product, it is essential that your landing page contains an image of the product itself. If your landing page is promoting a service, the primary purpose of the image should be to grab attention and demonstrate what service you are providing. Make sure that the pictures you use are those of high quality and relevant to the topic. You want to prepare to create images that will engage with your audience.

4. A compelling call to action

The most critical element of a landing page is the call to action button. The call to action is the portion of the page that results in conversions, so it needs to stand out. You want it to stand out with bright colors and simple navigation. This is the part that the content on the page is designed to drive visitors’ attention to have them fill it out. It converts visitors into customers, which is the end goal of any landing page.

Placing the call to action after you’ve explained your offer, it’s more likely that visitors will already be convinced to convert. If you put the call to action too early on the page, it might cost you some conversions because those people don’t see the value yet. Call to action copy can be a deciding factor in gaining customers. It’s beneficial to stay away from dull and overused copy, like “Submit,” “Sign up,” or “Download.” In this situation, it’s better to use specific, personalized, and compelling words to increase conversions.

5. A guarantee

Customers love guarantees because it immediately gives them a solution to your problem. A guarantee of any sort can help people feel reassured while on your landing page, which is what you want. Merely the word itself improves the likelihood of conversion because people immediately feel relief when seeing the word. Guarantees can take many forms, whether it’s content driven or visual, it will be effective. You can accomplish this strategy by choosing a type that works for your product or service, and state this guarantee on your landing page.

6. Sufficient white space

White space is a crucial component to any landing page because it helps the call to action and valuable content stand out. If there’s too much activity on the page, it could distract the visitors from going where you want them to, the contact form or call to action. It doesn’t have to be white, as long as it fulfills its purpose of leaving enough space. White space is a valuable design technique because it helps display what is essential and reduce page clutter while concurrently improving readability. The goal is to get your visitors to your call to action after reading your content, and you don’t want anything to deter your visitors from taking that action on your page.

7. Testimonials

People need to have trust in your brand before they decide to be a customer. Without trust, they aren’t likely to move forward in the sales funnel on your landing page. If you have forms of credibility such as testimonials on your page, it will give your business trustworthiness. If a satisfied customer provides a business with an excellent review, it will boost that business’ reputation. To add more credibility, give a review or a direct quote from somebody with a full name, headshot, and company.

8. A Method of Contact

Some of the most effective landing pages have multiple methods of contact to show that they are a legitimate business. These forms of communication include a phone number, a physical address, an email address, and a contact form. Some landing pages even feature popups bouts where a customer service representative asks if the user needs any help navigating the page. Different contact methods help strengthen trust in the company and to eliminate any confusion on the page. Make sure you provide some assurance that you are a real company, even if it’s just a phone number and address.

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