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Personalize Email Campaign In 5 Steps

As consumer buying habits and marketing technology continually evolve in 2019, personalized marketing will become very important. It’s not only preferred by customers, but it’s expected. Consumers expect a tailored experience that focuses on what they want. Through personalization, marketers can create and send individualized emails to a specific group with individual needs. According to Emarketer, personalized email marketing generates a median ROI of 122%. With such a high ROI, it makes sense why marketers are pushing their efforts towards personalization.


  • Build Stronger Relationships:

With a personalized approach, you can create a stronger bond with your customers. Customers are more comfortable providing personal information to brands they trust, and even more if they get something in return. You can have your audience participate in surveys to get information, and in return they receive discounts. Businesses with stronger relationships will benefit from a competitive advantage in both brand loyalty and customer happiness.

  • Boost Revenue & Sales:

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates. Companies can increase ROI by identifying and responding to the preferred channel for each customer. While many people are active on all social media platforms, sometimes there are specific niches. Having more in-depth information on your customer’s particular habits will help increase revenue.

  • Create Consistency:

It’s important to be personal and consistent, especially across all channels, not just email. Consistency will enable your followers to regularly tune into your brand to look out for any sales and promotions.



To personalize, you have to have an understanding of your audience. There are many ways to gather information. One way is to use questionnaires and sign up forms. Customers can fill out a survey through a sign-up form with questions asking about their age, interests, and other information. Gathering the right information is an essential factor in starting a personalized email campaign. Once you have the information you need, you can go about personalizing your emails to your audience. Here are 5 ways to personalize your email marketing:

1. Develop Marketing Personas

Developing personas for different parts of your database will help you create more targeted, relevant, and personal content for your email messages. Customer personas are built by using targeted information. Instead of asking a single question, you can group customers using a mix of attributes and actions they take.

2. Personalize Your Subject Line

Emails that have personalized subject lines are more likely to be opened. By using the data you’ve collected from your audience, you can increase the overall success of your marketing efforts.

Get personal. Include the first name of the recipient in the subject line, and don’t stop there. Also, use multiple subject lines. By creating many subject lines for a single email campaign, recipients from your target group are delivered with personalized subjects. It’s a way to maximize your efforts across the board.

3. Customize Your Content

Customizing your content to fit the individual is incredibly essential. You can include the person’s name in the copy of the email to give a human touch, instead of feeling like a blast email. Content includes imagery along with the text. You want to make sure your images are also personalized. An example of this is customizing to location. You can change the images based on other types of information you collect as well. This could include gender, loyalty program status, weather patterns, personal choices, and more.

4. Personalize Recommendations

Marketers can use customer behavior data to create more relevant email campaigns. When relevancy increases, sales also increase. This also saves the users more time because they don’t have to search for what they are looking for.

5. Set Up An Automated Email That Evokes A Response

The point of an email campaign is to get your message out there. However, even more importantly, you want your audience to take action. Whether that’s signing up for a webinar, making a purchase, or filling out a survey, you are looking for a response of some sort. You can set up an automated email that triggers a response from your recipients. These emails are real-time reactions to how your customers are using your product. It can remind them to log into their account, show them recommended products, and more.


Personalization is effective and will continue to be a big focus for marketers in 2019. It gets customers engaged with your company and can improve your email marketing strategies. The main takeaway is to concentrate your efforts on collecting the appropriate data, so you know how to move forward. Personalizing your email content can also help you reach subscribers, keep messages consistent, and increase your conversion rates which all result in high ROI. Focus on what’s best for your consumers, and you will succeed as well.

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