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In Phoenix, retargeting can be one of the most effective marketing tools. So, don't hesitate to contact us about our Arizona remarketing service.


How remarketing re-engages users.

Remarketing is a type of marketing that allows brands to re-engage users who’ve left their websites before completing a call-to-action. There are several types of remarketing. Most prevalent is remarketing using cookies. Using cookies allows you to reach people who are most likely to buy your product. Unlike banner ads, retargeting reaches people who have already been on your website. The process is anonymous and requires no action from the customer. A pixel embedded with code that tells the device to make a cookie. Using this information, you can personalize the content a customer sees.


Phoenix remarketing strategies are extremely effective. When using cookie-based retargeting, a tiny piece of code in the form of a pixel drops an anonymous, invisible browser cookie on every visitor that stops by your site. When those same visitors leave your website and browse the web at a later time, your retargeting provider’s technology determines which ads to display to those shoppers based on their previous behavior. Ideally, these ads are more personalized than conventional banner ads, geared toward showing the last place people visited in the conversion funnel. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!


If you're wondering, "What is remarketing?" feel free to reach out to us for more info. Remarketing is efficient at converting visitors because it concentrates on people who’ve recently registered interest in specific products — but retargeting alone isn’t enough. It also works best as a part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Retargeting is excellent at conversion optimization, but it doesn’t generate traffic for your site. Most retail marketers notice high ROI with remarketing since it focuses your advertising spending on your most interested consumers. It also increases brand awareness and drives demand; you need to be implementing other strategies, as well.

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