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4 SEO trends to stay on top of in 2019

As technology is evolving, people are using search engines in diverse ways to get the information that they need. Like any dynamic technology, SEO trends shift with the surrounding markets. For businesses to succeed, they need to be aware of these modern technologies to strengthen their SEO. While Google is consistently changing and updating their algorithm, many fundamental SEO strategies remain the same.

It’s essential to put consumers first and make sure you are producing content that is useful to them. With technology progressing at a rapid rate, marketers will need to find a way to put consumers at the forefront still while adapting to their new search behaviors. Business owners need to know about these advances in SEO to make sure they stay on track with current trends and new optimizing tools. The following are 5 SEO trends focusing on the future of SEO that can help you increase your business’s ranking and put your customer’s needs first.

1. Voice Search

With the development of personal assistants in the past few years, voice search is on the rise. Consumers are now using voice search with Siri, or other virtual assistants to get the information that they need.

As voice search becomes increasingly prominent amongst internet users, the way we use keywords will also evolve. Instead of using broken keyword phrases, people will search using their normal speech patterns, such as posing search inquires as questions. As these changes occur, search engines will become more precise and concise with keyword optimization.

It’s helpful to create content that matches the keywords and long – tail keywords that people are searching with their personal assistants. You can create blogs that directly answer users’ questions or also write FAQ – style content to match those keywords as well. Do your research and determine the phrases people will use in voice search so you can create content that includes them. Preparing for a new way of searching will help your business rank higher in search engines and help you increase traffic to your web pages and other platforms.

2. AI

AI, Artificial intelligence, is continually evolving, alongside voice search, and will continue to develop. As this technology further grows, it will become more prominent in advertising and marketing, so it’s important to strategize now for SEO purposes, so you don’t miss any opportunities. Not only is AI creating advancements to regular tasks but it’s also becoming a lot more personalized. As more people receive customized content, the more they will expect it in the future. With custom marketing in mind, businesses need to start producing specific content for their customers to ensure they stay at the top of search engine result pages.

To create personalized content, it’s essential to grasp who your customers are and what their search queries consist of. You can gather the following demographics of your audience to understand their needs better:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographical location
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Job
  • Family life
  • Interests
  • Hobbies

Organize the data you collect and create content based on the information that is relevant to your audience. Planning for the future of SEO will help you overcome the challenges associated with creating personalized, targeted content.

3. Amazon Search

Amazon is becoming a massive powerhouse for people searching for different items. Now it’s on such a large scale that it can compete with the search engine titans such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Thanks to Amazon’s leading Prime delivery service and product lines, most people will go directly to Amazon instead of starting their search on Google. Since Amazon runs their algorithm system, businesses need to learn Amazon-specific SEO best practices. This step is vital for searching within the Amazon platform, and for optimizing your Amazon results to show up in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

4. Social Media

A customer-centric focus is essential to SEO, and content on social media is no exception. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube already recognize the value of useful content and are continually optimizing their platforms to help businesses maximize the reach of their marketing efforts. With the growing number of social media users, it’s essential to get to the top spaces of search engines. Create diverse content to engage with your audience and lead them to your website. If you utilize social media to your fullest potential, you will be able to keep pace with evolving SEO algorithms and continually improve your rankings.

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