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5 Ways To Get Your Business Started With a Chatbot

With Chatbots being on the rise, it’s time for businesses to gear up and implement Chatbots into their system. When utilizing a Chatbot for your business, there are many things to take into consideration for it to be efficient and effective. Here are 5 ways to get your business started with a Chatbot.

1. Define Your Goal

Are you looking to improve customer service? Promote a new product or service? Perhaps you’re looking to generate more quality leads. To find out which case will be most useful to you, chat with your website and social media teams to figure out what the primary goal is. Then from there, you can pinpoint what must be done to accomplish the stated goal.

2. Choose A Platform To Host The Chatbot

Chatbots can be hosted on multiple platforms – your business website, Facebook messenger, and Twitter Direct Message. Each platform is distinctive and offers something different for your business depending on your audience and how you decide to utilize the bot. Attain as much information on your audience as possible, then use it to guide you in narrowing down what platform and your content strategy.

3. Build Your Content Strategy

For your business and customers to get the most out of the Chatbot on your website, determine which type of content you want your users to engage with and start from there. The users on your site are there for a reason; to get information and answers to their problems. Think about the questions your customers are most likely to ask. Look internally to gain a better understanding of your clientele. Talk to your sales team, marketing team, and customer service representatives for better clarity on your consumers wants and needs.

4. Create Your Bot’s Personality

Bring some personality to your Chatbot! By giving your bot a personality, it refines the user experience for your consumers and makes the encounter more genuine and transparent. Numerous brands give their Chatbot a name, which you can also do for your business to provide a more personal touch and garner brand recognition.

5. Craft A Compelling Opening Message

Your opening Chatbot message is incredibly important. It’s the primary attribute your customers will interact with when visiting your site; thus you want to make the message inviting, engaging, and clear with intent and expectations. Drive them in the right direction by guiding them with frequently asked questions that will lead to the resolutions to their issues and or inquiries.

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