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Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Business

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You may have heard “content is king”. It’s a popular phrase that has been going around for years. Truth is — content is important, it’s what connects a business to their audience.

However, there has been a shift. With billions of online websites, there’s a lot of content and businesses need to utilize other marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd. There’s just too much “noise” with just content like blogs.

Video marketing is the key tool that many are missing out on. Between people scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed, being drawn in by videos – or people binge-watching YouTube, there is a lot of opportunity for businesses to creatively capture their audience with video.

YouTube is just one part of video marketing. That platform alone has more than 1.9 billion logged in monthly users. Not to mention, YouTube is also available in more than 91 countries (talk about potential!)

While people like reading content, they can relate much faster to a video. For example, if a company creates an engaging, funny video to show a glimpse into how a product works, it provides their audience with a “real-life” picture of what it’s like to use and have that specific product.
Consumers flock to video because it’s easy to digest and it’s entertaining.

With the amount of potential customers you can attract with video marketing, you can see a huge return on investment (ROI) if it’s done right.

Anyone can access video, as long as they have internet access — and who doesn’t nowadays?

Using a Variety of Videos

The Ultimate Content Engagement Strategy

Before diving in to why video marketing is important, it’s best to have a strategy. Different types of videos are beneficial to consider to make the most out of your strategy. Be sure to understand the purpose of each type of video, and remember your target audience and how you want them to perceive your product/service.

Quick breakdown:

Explainer Video

Explainer video- Educate people about your product and/or service. This video can be used in addition with customer service activities, instructions, or whatever else you see fit.


Interviews – Influencer marketing is another part of marketing that can have a huge ROI (depending on your business type) and when paired with video, you can reap a tremendous outcome. You could have an influencer or special guest and interview them via video.

Product Reviews

Product reviews – Sure, it’s great to have written product reviews – but not everyone likes to read – and having demo videos by brand ambassadors in exchange for free product can be a great way to receive engagement. By having video reviews, people get a sense of what it’s like to see the product first hand through video, how it works, and better yet other people’s opinions. Your audience gains trust when they see others talk about your product or service.

Live Video

Live video – Making live videos is one of the best ways to allow your audience to truly tune into what you’re business is all about. This is how you can get them more engaged and to interact with you. Think creative and have a strategy before getting on a live video.

Stats Don’t Lie — Here’s Why Video is Critical (with the type of video)

Product Video

According to Neil Patel, a highly sought-after marketing guru, product videos increase purchases by a whopping 144%!

62% of people said they found themselves more intrigued by a product once they saw it in a Facebook story.

Social Video

People are always watching videos. Statistics show 45% of people watch more than one hour of YouTube or Facebook videos each week.

75% of millennials watch video on social media every day.


Quick tip for social videos: Square videos tend to be more effective than horizontal videos when using Facebook.


YouTube Videos provide a fast loading medium for your video promotions.

Two-thirds of users find themselves watching YouTube on a second screen while they are watching TV.

Approximately 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed each day.

32% of consumers tend to engage with branded videos on YouTube


YouTube is where many millenials hang out. In fact, this platform accounts for two-thirds of online video watched across devices.

Source for all video statistics – https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics

How to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Tell a story

Always refrain from being too salesy. Nothing will push people away more than just going on about your product. You have to sell a story instead. In this article alone, we need to help our audience to discover why video marketing is important by providing the answers they desire.

Scroll-stopping introduction

People scroll through their feed endlessly. To stand out, you must make an introduction that stands out. Get creative. Think about your target audience and what they may be in to.

Teach your audience quickly

More mission and less product focus

Always stand by your mission and have it in mind when creating videos. Get sales mostly off your mind and make your mission known.

Be fun, not boring – Not everyone will be fit for video, and that’s okay. Get someone on your team to do the videos if you don’t feel creative enough. As long as someone makes them stand out, that’s the goal.

Keep SEO in mind – Even though this is a video, you need to incorporate seo keywords throughout your description.

Call to action – Always have a call to action without being overly salesly. Having a strategy ahead of time for this is ideal.

Short videos win

Statistics show that short digestible videos far outperform longer videos.

When people are scrolling on their phone, they want short bursts of engaging videos. They have a short attention span. Keep your videos relatively short and completely to the point the entire time.

Video marketing is a powerful tool, if used right. Not only can it be intriguing for your audience, it can be quite fun for you. Figure out a strategy and get the person with the best personality to create the videos. Have fun with it because your audience needs that glimpse into your business before they commit to buying your product and/or service.

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