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5 YouTube Video Marketing Tips & Why It’s Essential in 2019

Why YouTube Video Marketing is Powerful

YouTube Video Marketing is on the rise in 2019 and is here to stay. Statistics on YouTube show that in 2019 there are over 1.9 billion logged in users that visit every month and watch 1 Why YouTube advertising is greatbillion hours of video everyday. These numbers amount to almost a third of the internet watching videos on YouTube. This means this is where your marketing initiatives need to take hold. YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, people are searching for information on the platform. This means businesses should target their audience through video marketing on YouTube as well as their other marketing initiatives.

Since 2007, YouTube has grown in many ways and show no signs of slowing down for those who know how to utilize the platform. To show the progression over the years, as of January 2014, over 190 million Americans watched videos on the platform, and there were 75.6 million videos uploaded. The site traffic on YouTube is continually increasing. Every month there are 1 billion visitors to the site with 6 billion hours of videos watched.

Who’s Watching? 

From, 2007 to 2014 to current day 2019, YouTube has continually increased its audience. YouTube reaches more American adults ages 18 – 34 than any cable network. Also, YouTube, on mobile alone, reaches more people in this US audience than any TV network. YouTube is localized in 91 countries and supports 80 different languages across the world. To break it down even further, Hootsuite shows that about 15% of YouTube viewers are American. Statistics show that YouTube personalities are more recognizable to teens in the US than mainstream celebrities. The vital thing to recognize: your audience is on YouTube. The customers you want your ads to reach are all searching on YouTube. Below are 5 tips for Video Marketing on YouTube in 2019.

5 tips for Video Marketing on YouTube in 2019

1. Develop A Content Strategy

It’s imperative not to create YouTube videos on a whim. You want the video to have a purpose. Is the video going to inform, demonstrate, or entertain? To create videos that gain traction, you need to have a content strategy. This content strategy is based on your brand’s marketing core values. This strategy includes showing what the brand is offering, figuring out how valuable the content is, and determining the viewers’ demographics. Having a content strategy will help you set goals and stay relevant. Research will help with this to get a better understating of who you are marketing to and what steps to take to create content for them.

2. Understand Your Audience

It’s vital to have a strong understanding of your audience, so you can produce content that appeals to them. YouTube offers analytic tools that help give your business insight into who is watching your videos. This tool shows your view counts, average watch time, revenues generated, and interaction rate across videos. You can find out information about your audience’s demographics and video viewing habits as well. Use this information to guide the content you create. Once you understand the type of videos your audience wants to see from you, it’s easier to create content for them.

3. Create Excellent & Consistent Content

It’s not necessary to have a massive budget to produce impressive video content. Videos that are informative, entertaining, and consistent will be great for engagement. It’s essential to create content that demonstrates a clear message about your brand and how that can resonate with your audience according to their interests, needs, wants, and more. Consistency is important to keep your business relevant and on speed with YouTube user activity. If you’re not consistent, people won’t continually tune into your channel, and that means you might not get the most out of YouTube.

4. Optimize Your Videos

Make sure that your video is easily found both on and off of YouTube. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is an incredibly important factor in marketing. Just like a webpage or a blog, videos need a proper SEO strategy as well. You can accomplish this by using a relevant title and keywords in the title. The description also needs the proper keywords and the relevant keywords in the tags. With video optimization, you can earn more views and reach a wider audience. The more effectively you optimize your videos, the more likely it is that your videos will be found in search results.

5. Utilize Videos On Your Business Website

Not only can you upload videos to YouTube, but you can also add these videos to your business website. Having video content on YouTube is essential, but you also want your audience to take one step further and click a link to your site. Encourage them to do so. You can embed a link in your video or add it into the description portion. And this will lead more traffic to your website.

YouTube Will Continue to Thrive in 2019 

The statistics show that YouTube is on a continual incline and will continue to keep that momentum going forward. Video marketing on YouTube has many benefits. Plus, the platform itself is free to use to upload videos. But you need to make sure you follow all of the community guidelines. The platform allows for you to upload content to use to get your message across to your audience. YouTube offers new features frequently to help add uniqueness to your content. Some of these are:

  • YouTube live streaming allows you to engage with your audience in real time
  • 360 – degree video content allows for a more interactive experience
  • Optimizing your videos for best SEO practices
  • Create videos and link them back to your website and other social media platforms to get traffic to all of your mediums

In 2019 we have endless useful technology at our fingertips to use to produce content for a successful video marketing strategy. It’s simple to start creating content on YouTube with consistent and informative videos. It’s not only effective, but it’s essential to implement video marketing on YouTube to keep up with society’s media consumption habits. The people are on YouTube, and your business needs to be there as well.

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