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Website Development: Your Site Needs to Be Responsive

Now more than ever do people have access to information all thanks to the internet. They aren’t just searching on desktops anymore. Technology is advancing at the speed of light and now people are able to access information while using their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even their smart TVs. This means that you need to have a website design that’s responsive since it will be getting viewed many different ways.  You may be asking, what is a responsive website design? Great question. It will function well with any medium it’s being accessed from. That means the website will fit the screen it’s being viewed from. Some may think they can get away without having a responsive website design, but that’s not the case.

The Bad

The world today is extremely fast paced and patience is almost non-existent. Think about the last time you went to look up a website and it took longer than a few seconds to load. You most likely got off that site because you couldn’t get the information you were looking for. 70% of people will delete emails that don’t render properly on their mobile device, and 38% will stop using a site that has an unattractive layout. Those percentages alone show you how not have a responsive website design can lead to a loss of visitors.

Website design has a fairly large impact. In fact, 94% said that an unattractive design is the main reason they don’t find the site trustworthy. Roughly 48% of people say that website design is the number one factor when determining the credibility of a business. It’s important to have a website that people can trust.

The Good

Now that we know the negative impact of having a poor responsive design, let’s get into the benefits. 45% of people between the ages of 18-29 use their smartphones on a daily basis to search the web and 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within an hour. So, keep in mind that your website will be reaching the market of the younger generation.

Do you happen to have an e-Commerce site? A responsive website design can be crucial to your business. Four out of five consumers shop online using their smartphones. 67% of websites have created a mobile-friendly site and 62% of them said that their sales dramatically increased.

Another added benefit is your increased SEO. Google has now penalized sites that don’t have a responsive design and placed them lower in the results page. Due to the fact of how popular mobile devices are for searching the web, you need to provide a flawless user experience on all platforms.

Wrapping it up

By not developing a responsive website design you can really hurt your business. Slow load times result in users that get off your site and if your content is scattered on their phone, they’ll more than likely be under the impression that your site isn’t credible. By re-designing your site you’ll see that you have increased conversion, placed higher on search engines and most importantly, provide a better user experience.

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